Arctic Matters Day

ARCTIC MATTERS DAY is January 14th, 2016  so declares the National Research Council of the National Academies

They have published a lavishly illustrated 32-page booklet explaining, showing that changes in the Arctic affect the whole globe. It was announced in the weekly news from the Academies, in their Friday alert on January 8, 2016. Incidentally, one may subscribe to the newsletter by writing to:

Here is the specific link to the page of events: which includes

Booklet: Arctic Matters:
The Global Connection to Changes in the Arctic

From this page, one can also download a poster and connect to an interactive web tool.

“Arctic Matters Day topics include:

  • the impact of melting ice on global sea-level rise
  • how arctic-region  warming can potentially affect weather patterns across the northern hemisphere
  • how arctic-region changes such as melting permafrost and changing “albedo” can exacerbate global climate change
  • effects of climate change on the range and migration patterns of fish, birds, insects, and other Arctic-based animal populations
  • political and security implications of the growing extraction of the Arctic’s natural resources, and from increased commercial, military, and tourism-related shipping across the region
  • the need to involve Arctic indigenous groups in decision-making, and to ensure respect for their rights, culture, and changing needs”

Louise Deis, Sci-Tech Reference & Geosciences Liaison, Princeton University,

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