MathSciNet is the premier index and reviews database for mathematics and related literature. It contains and continues from Mathematical Reviews (print), published from 1940 to 2012.  Produced by the American Mathematical Society, MathSciNet is international in scope, covering over 1800 current journals with more than 3.3 million publications ranging from 1810 to the current day.  Over 20,000 expert reviewers produce more than 80,000 reviews each year for MathSciNet.  These add tremendous value to the more than 100,000 new citations added annually.

While MathSciNet may be available on your EBSCOhost platform, this post will highlight features available through the American Mathematical Society (AMS) platform.

The simple interface offers 4 search tabs

  • Publications
  • Authors
  • Journals
  • Citations

Citations may be found in MathSciNet by author, journal, subject classification, year, and viewed in lists of highest cited books, articles, and journals by their Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ).

MathSciNet continues the work began with Mathematical Reviews with unique author identification.  Each author is analyzed and compared to their institution, previous papers, and co-writers to positively collocate works. Additionally, each author has an Author Profile page with a unique MR Author ID, links to publications, links to co-authors, links to citations, and more. It also contains a link to the author’s page in the Mathematics Genealogy Project, when available.

My favorite feature is the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC), developed and used by MathSciNet/Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH) to organize and search the literature by subject area.  Primary and secondary classification numbers are hyperlinked in each entry, to easily connect to the master list.

53 mathematics topics are assigned a 2 digit subject classification and then expanded to 5 digit subject classifications with over 5000 specific topics.


Clicking on the hyperlinked classification codes shows the subjects:


This gives us the classification to find articles on our subject, in order by times cited:


We can keyword search or browse the subject classification list (MSC), and also click the icon to find records for just that subject.


The editors of the Mathematics Subject Classification are revising MSC2010 and welcome input from the mathematics community.  To add your suggestions or comments for MSC2020, please visit

The American Mathematical Society has announced upcoming enhancements to MathSciNet.  These include improvements to searches such as results sorting and faceting, autosuggestion in some fields, and the ability to create alerts from a user account.  These will make a great product even better.

Sandra Barclay, Special Formats Cataloging Librarian, Kennesaw State University Libraries,

We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have a resource that you would like to see highlighted please leave us a comment.


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