Provides insights and tips that ease the discovery of and access to science and technology information for members of the science and technology library community and beyond.

Science and technology librarianship spans many subject areas from engineering to natural sciences to environmental and health sciences. Resources vary from scholarly articles and white papers to data sets and computer code.

A resource or tool will be identified that is intended to help users with science and technology questions.  Short tips and/or tricks will be presented to facilitate discovery and access.  Tips and/or tricks that are common in one person’s work may be new and helpful to another.

The science and technology librarian community will learn about these tools to make their work easier and have the opportunity to improve their skills. Both should lead to improved service to library users.

Maintained by the American Library Association (ALA), Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), Science & Technology Section’s (STS): Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee whose charge is to provide a forum for exchange of information relating to discovery of and access to science and technology resources and to serve as a channel/clearinghouse to identify concerns, problems, issues, trends, standards, and best practices.

Participation from outside the committee is welcome.


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